Eliminate your gateway fees

Thousands of the world’s largest retail brands—from Quick Service Restaurants to department stores—use Tender Retail for custom payment experiences, direct to bank transactions, and flexible integrations.

Your acquirer.

Your providers.

Your choice.

With support for 100s of POS integrations and all major payment terminals, simply build your solution from a choice of:

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Payment terminals

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Operating systems

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Point of sales (POS)

Eliminate gateway fees and hassles

Connect your payment process directly to your acquirer and upgrade your business with middleman-free payment processing.

  • Direct to acquirer
  • Faster payments
  • No single point of failure
  • Maintain omni-token capability
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No transaction fees

Our straight-forward pricing model is loved by thousands of the world’s largest high-volume merchants. We don't try to get in on your action.

Decentralized enterprise deployment

While most store chains deploy decentralized architectures, talk to us about our recommendation for your national chains. We support choice and deploy on:

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Store servers

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Payment terminals

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Your cloud

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High-volume capacity

We get it...reliable speed of service is critical for each and every merchant we serve.

Billions of transactions

100s partners

300,000+ terminals managed

Best practices

During our 30 years of deploying implementations across multiple industries, we’ve learned what works–and what doesn’t. Our experienced team will help you with:

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POS integration

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Payment flow and forms

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Acquirer acceptance testing

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Lab to pilot to rollout

A complete payment platform, engineered for flexibility

Accept payments for any business, offer your consumers payment choice, optimize your customer interactions, and scale to any size with Tender Retail's powerful APIs.

Wireless terminals

Our middleware is deployed in thousands of locations running in Windows, Linux, iOS and Android environments.

Comprehensive support

The latest families of mobile, wired, kiosk and embedded payment terminals are supported across our acquiring partner solutions.

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Consumer choice

Let consumers pay how they want to—credit, debit, mobile wallets, gift and loyalty cards, QR codes, alt payment methods—all with Quick Chip’s lightning fast checkout experience.

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Our partners are
your partners

We work with all major gift card providers, payment processors, and terminal manufacturers to deliver the service you and your customers need. Don’t see your logo pictured? Curious who else we work with? Reach out to us to have your logo added, explore our full list of partners or become one yourself.

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