Service providers

We help you tailor payment solutions to your specific needs and work hand-in-hand with your POS provider to ensure successful integrations.

Value-Added Service providers love us

Differentiating your business from the competition requires innovation and the right partnership. Regardless of volume or infrastructure, Tender Retail delivers a cutting edge, flexible and secure middleware payment solution, powering all payment types in this new age of selling. The combination of our technologies with our partners’ results in a one-stop shop for payment needs across all channels, and in all global markets.

Coffee Shop Workers

Flexibility and scalability

The Tender Retail solution adapts to the merchants’ preferred processor and infrastructure vendors, providing flexibility and scalability to further growth.

Someone paying with Apple Pay
Credit card

A new age of selling

Tender Retail is always looking to provide the latest technology to ensure your consumer pays how they want to pay.

Achieving and maintaining compliance

Tender Retail is proud to be compliant with the latest PCI Secure Software Standards.

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