Tailored payment solutions

We help you tailor payment solutions to your specific needs and work hand-in-hand with your POS provider to ensure successful integrations.

Enterprise services

Tender Retail's Client Integration Services team works closely with you and your partners for a smooth and successful implementation. Our team provides top of the line consulting, project management, development and certification services.

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Project management

Tender Retail has extensive experience deploying complex implementations for large customers with various major POS vendors, hardware providers and acquirers/processors.
Our project managers help with key project components, including:

  • Task organization
  • Coordination of resources
  • Procedures and protocols for seamless migration of projects

We will ensure the objectives of a project are outlined, determine who is responsible for the completion of every step, and create quality control checks for each component. This saves your organization time and effort by creating an environment for an efficiently implemented project.

Development center

Our highly skilled developers provide custom designs for individual customer needs and ensure that all card-brand specifications are met and maintained within the EMV guidelines.

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Client integration services

The CIS team determines the details that go into each solution, helping you tailor these solutions to your specific needs. This process may include identifying custom solutions and assisting your POS providers or third-party integrators to ensure successful and streamlined integration.

Certification services

Our accomplished team of analysts can execute all certification requirements for each processor. From Class B to card-brand certification to merchant certifications, our experienced analysts know everything there is to know about EMV standards.

Migrate providers with ease

Tender Retail’s integration team makes switching providers reliable and seamless.

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Kickoff to pilot

We’re there for you every step of the way, from choosing the right provider until the integration is turned on.

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Seamless integrations

Our experienced client integration team will ensure you have a seamless transition to pilot and fleet.

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Customized transitions

Enjoy the benefits of custom solutions and change requests that create improved customer experiences.

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