Serving the world's largest brands

Enjoy a payment solution that meets the needs of your business and customers, not the other way around.

Tier 1 and 2 Retail

We specialize in high-volume enterprise chain card present payments. Get in touch with us if you are:

100+ store enterprise chain

Join the world’s largest chain retail stores by going direct-to-acquirer with Tender Retail.

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Less than 100 stores

Growing your chain is no small feat! Be sure you have the right tools for expanding your business.

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Partners in QSR

With 10,000+ restaurants using our middleware, we get what works.

  • Optimized speed of service
  • Frictionless ‘Pay at post’ solutions for drive-thrus
  • Custom checkout experiences
Explore our partners
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In store and card present experts

From custom software to tailored deployments, it’s what we do best.

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Direct to acquirer

Eliminate gateway and transaction fees by going direct-to-processor with Tender Retail.

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Smarter payments

Leverage new device form factors for data capture, enhance customer presentation, showcase branding, and more.

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No single point of failure

Deploy per store or per workstation with decentralized deployment that eliminates downtime across systems.

Why the world’s largest chains choose Tender Retail

Beyond improving your bottom line, our custom solutions improve customer satisfaction as well.

Secure acceptance

Tender Retail supports the strongest encryption technology available to ensure all card data is secured between you and your acquirer.

Freedom of Choice

Ditch the vendor lock-in strategies and eliminate the single points of failure and costly switches inherent to gateways—all while gaining the freedom of choice: your acquirer, terminal provider, and POS.

Custom experiences

Enable tailored terminal experiences for your customers. Configure display images, custom input forms, receipt displays, and more to provide a complete branded terminal experience.

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