Your security is at our core

With security features such as tokenization, Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) and PCI-compliance with the latest standards, Tender Retail’s solutions help you achieve and maintain compliance.

Our solutions have been accepted by the latest PCI Standards Security Council as validated Payment Software to PCI's latest Secure Software Standard.
Encryptions (P2PE)

Greater security and fraud protection

U.S. card fraud losses account for more than a third of the worldwide total.

Since the liability shift, October 1, 2015, a number of merchants have been stunned to learn that in many cases, they have to pay the chargebacks.

As a retailer, you need a clear picture of what the use of EMV chip cards or magnetic stripe cards entail for your store.


Tender Retail's software has been designed to work with all major encryption algorithms used on PTS POI devices.

Our solutions work with encryption technologies such as Verishield™, TransArmour®, On-Guard, and Voltage SecureData Payments that encrypt cardholder data within deployed PIN Transaction Security Point of Interaction devices using the device’s SRED functionality and a key management scheme.

This data is encrypted within the secure device using the injected cryptographic key prior to being retrieved by the Tender Retail software.

Once the Tender Retail software receives the encrypted payment card data, we send it directly to your acquirer. Only your acquirer can decrypt this payment card data within their secure facilities.

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As required for an End-to-End or Point-to-Point Encrypted solution, Tender Retail’s software has no access to these cryptographic keys.

Because Tender Retail’s software has no access to clear-text payment card data, no access to the cryptographic keys, and no ability to decrypt the data, Tender Retail software and the servers it is installed upon are considered out of scope for PCI DSS.

Our QSA - Tender Retail has selected Dara Security as our Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), Payment Application Qualified Security Assessor (PA-QSA), Software Security Framework Assessor, and Point-to-Point Encryption QSA (P2PE QSA/PA-QSA) approved by the PCI SSC to conduct PA-DSS, PCI-DSS, SSF and P2PE solution assessments.

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EMV certification

EMV is essential for a fast, affordable and complete launch to the next level of fraud prevention and customer satisfaction. Tender Retail is fully EMV-certified with all the major processors.

Secure transactions

Regardless of volume or infrastructure, every merchant can realize the benefits of Tender Retail’s EMV integration, which include:

Fraud protections

With fewer points of vulnerability, Tender Retail’s direct-to-bank solution reduces the risk your company and customers are exposed to.

Reduced chargebacks

EMV solutions help you reduce and analyze chargebacks you receive, as well as protect your revenue.

Secure transactions - on and offline

Use our middleware for online and store-and-forward transactions to enable secure purchasing to continue, even if you’re offline.

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